Exhaust gas silencer

Exhaust gas silencer

Transmission loss
of up to 55 dB

Exhaust gas silencers are used to reduce the noise of combustion engines. We can offer you a comprehensive selection of silencers in the industrial sector.

Our exhaust gas silencers are characterised by their precise tuning of low to medium frequencies and combination of several acoustic principles. The sound of gas at low frequencies is counteracted with the aid of plate resonators and λ/4 resonators. In conjunction with various absorption components, a broadband transmission loss of up to 55 dB is achieved. In principle, the resonator is also suitable for gaseous media with high number of particles, as the chamber does not absorb debris. Even exhaust gas temperatures of up to 500 °C, are withstood by appropriate materials.

We offer solutions for the following applications and plant types:

Individuality is our standard

Furtak & Salvenmoser GmbH stands for quality silencers, which are designed according to the specific needs of the client and the particular requirements of the individual industrial plants.

The design and calculation are based on innovative 3D tools, which allows for the precise manufacturing of the fastening and guide mounts. We also work with the highest quality materials approved for a temperature range of -196 °C to 670 °C.

We offer individually tailored solutions for your acoustic needs

Noise range of an exhaust gas silencer for Diesel engine
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